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Current Projects

Project | 01
Photo credit: Keith Polya/Climate Visuals
Psychological adaptation to climate change risks in the Pacific

People in the Pacific region face risks from deteriorating environmental conditions, extreme weather, and projected negative impacts from climate change. This British Academy/GCRF-funded project investigates how climate risk exposure affects the development and wellbeing of young people in two Pacific islands, Fiji and Solomon Islands. View the project page here.

Project | 02
Climate action and mental models of climate risk

The "Targeting Mental Models of Climate change risk to facilitate Climate Action (MECCA)" project investigates the gap between local perceptions and scientific projections of the impacts of human activities under changing climatic conditions in East (Lake Victoria) and West Africa (Lagos). See project page here.

Project | 03
Climate justice perspectives around the world (CJP)

Climate justice has become the rallying call of climate activists in recent years. Yet, the concept of justice is very subjective and it is often unclear how people understand the term climate justice in the public domain. This project explores public awareness of climate justice, and maps dominant themes in subjective understandings of the term, with data from 11 countries around the world.

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